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Saturday, 24 March 2018
Alert: Method specificity of box-and-whiskers plots

Non-parametric methods are of special value for small samples when the type of data distribution (normal, log-normal?) cannot be assessed with due certainty.  Box-and-whiskers-plots (box-plots) are particularly useful in this regard since they provide an easily understandable descriptive data summary (central measure: median; measure of spread: box built by the 25% [Q25] and 75% [Q75] percentiles).

However, as pointed out by Dr. L. Turchanowa (ACPS) at the EACPT-meeting in Edinburg, box plots show relevant method-specificity, which demands due caution when using these formats.

Last Updated (Friday, 5 March 2010)
ALERT: Oscillometric BPMs from the upperarm and from the wrist do NOT agree!

Oscillometric methods are well established for the noninvasive measurement of blood pressure (SBP/DBP) and pulse rate (PR). There is obvious interest in using more convenient measurements from the wrist (W) than conventional measurements with a cuff around thew upperarm. from the upperarm (A). If both methods would show sufficient agreement, W-measurements would be real asset also for ambulatory studies.

We tested this by analysing the extent of agreement (or lack thereof) between non-simultaneous paired SBP/DBP and PR measurements by means of well-established W- (OMRON RX-Genius) and A-devices (BOSO-medicus UNO) in 12 healthy young male and female subjects under conventional phase-I trial conditions when pre- and post-dose readings were compared.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 9 November 2011)

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